“Mike and Julia know what it means to be free in Christ and how to help others find their freedom from addiction, because they have experienced it in their own lives. Nobody knows better how the life of Christ and the truth of His word set captives free.”
-Dr. Neil T. Anderson, President and Founder, Freedom in Christ Ministries.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Mike and Julia Quarles for a number of years and can testify to the incredible impact that they are having in people’s lives all over this country. Mike is a man who walks his talk and, as such, is a godly example that anyone in the Christian community would want to follow. I endorse him highly and without reservation.”
-Ron Blue, President, Ronald Blue & Co.

“Since finding freedom in Christ Jesus from life-dominating addiction to alcohol, Mike Quarles is using his own experience and his disciplined study of the Word of God most effectively to point others to freedom. His teaching and counseling are biblical and free from the many therapeutic clichés developed to support the disease model of addiction.” -William A Raws, Director Emeritus, America’s Keswick

“Mike and Julia are being greatly used by God to set the captives free! Anyone who is privileged to be exposed to their ministry will go away with a deeper appreciation and greater enthusiasm about the freedom which is ours in Christ. I heartily commend them both without reservation.”
-Steve McVey, President, Grace Walk Ministries.

“I heartily recommend the ministry of Mike and Julia Quarles. God has wrung the world out of these two saints and taught them the beautiful truths which liberate us from the tyranny of our own flesh, the world system and the devil.”
-Dr. Bill Gillham, President, Lifetime Guarantee, Inc.

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