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FreedomFromAddictioncvr1Freedom From Addiction – by Neil Anderson & Mike & Julia Quarles – Depicts Mike’s Journey from addiction to freedom in Christ and the truth that set him free, along with Julia’s story of what was going on with her and how she learned to get free from her codependency and perfectionism – $19.99 – Now $16. This book is also available as a Kindle ebook at




ffawkbkw2Freedom From Addiction Workbook – by Neil, Mike and Julia. A comprehensive and intensive inductive Bible study that includes an in-depth look at the person’s background, environment and the influences and lies that shaped and developed their strongholds & addictions and the truth that sets free. Mike and Neil say it’s their best resource on how to get free from addiction. – $21.99 – Now $17



FreedomFromAddictioncvr1Freedom From Addiction Orientation DVD – Neil Anderson and Mike & Julia Quarles introduce each of the ten sections of the Freedom From Addiction Workbook. A great discussion starter for a group working through the Workbook. – DVD – $8 – Now $5



onedayatatime3One Day At a Time – by Neil Anderson and Mike and Julia Quarles (A 120 day devotional that covers the ten topics that need to be addressed for a person to find their freedom. Each devotional is 2-3 pages long with discussion questions at the end and a place to journal. (More comprehensive than most devotionals) – $18.99 – Now $15.  This book is also available as a Kindle ebook at



HelpingOthersOvercomeAddictionsbkHelping Others Overcome Addictions – by Steve McVey and Mike Quarles. The truth you need to know to help others find freedom from any addictive behavior including perfectionism and codependency. Gives a Biblical perspective of the problem and clearly presents God’s answer – Retail is $12.99 – Now $10.  This book is also available as a Kindle ebook at




conferenceFreedom From Addictive Behaviors Conference DVD album – 9 messages by Mike and Julia – includes their Testimonies of Freedom, The Problem of Addiction, The Price of Freedom, God’s Answer for Addiction, Strongholds of Addiction, Forgiving From the Heart, How to Walk Free and Stay Free, Basics of Recovery to Freedom in Christ – – 3 DVD’s – $30 – Now $15. For the same price, this conference is available in an online edition. See the description here. Subscribe for yourself or donate a registration for someone else! The conference audio CD edition is on sale for only $10.00.


The 43 page Conference Manual can be downloaded for free by clicking here: conference manual link

Leader’s Guide with Group Discussion Questions – Ten discussion questions for each of the nine messages from the Freedom From Addictive Behaviors Conference DVD’s.  Now a free download! Click here: MQ_Leaders_Guide

Testimonies of Freedom – Mike & Julia’s testimonies of freedom from addiction and codependency and a Question and Answer session with Mike – DVD – $10 – Now $5

Mike’s Messages:
The Problem of Addiction; The Price of Freedom; and God’s Answer for Addiction – DVD – $10 – Now $5

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places and All Our Problems Are Solved at the Cross – DVD – $10 – Now $5

Freedom in Christ Recovery Bookmark – Who Am I in Christ on one side and The Overcomer’s Covenant in Christ on the other. – $10.00 per packet of 50 – Now $5

The Key to the Victorious Christian Life –  booklet by Mike Quarles – $2.50 (includes shipping). It is also available in an expanded edition as a Kindle ebook via here.

Testimonies (Paper) of Mike and Julia on how they found freedom.- Free

Also Available…

Left Behind (70 page book) by Mike Darnell – A great book on identity in Christ, God’s unconditional love, a proper concept of God and why forgiveness is essential to freedom – $5.00 – Now $3.00

To order any of these items, use the Order Form online or e-mail your order to . An invoice will be included with your order and shipping expenses will be added.

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12 thoughts on “Store

  1. Dear Mike,
    You called me awhile back to let me know that Freedom from Addiction and the work book were being reprinted. I’m just wondering if I can order them yet?
    My brother in law and my nephew took my copies and are working through the book and work book together! Our family is so thankful for this ministry!
    I have a 23 year marriage that ended because of a drug addiction. Now years later…I have a son using heroin and a daughter using meth. The pain of my husband choosing drugs(pot) over me was not anything like the constant pain and fear I feel with two of my children in so much danger! I found your book late at night in a grocery store and have been finding my freedom in Christ and seeing for the first time who I am in Christ!!! 2 Corinthians 4:13-16 and Psalm 116:10 say I believe therefore I speak ! I really want to work through the work book and be ready when my children are willing to find their freedom in Christ! Maybe I won’t be the one to lead them through the steps… but I know I need to walk through on my own and live that resurrected life that is undeniably Christ living through me!!!! This ministry is helping me learn to be restfully available and instantly obedient to every prompting of the Holy Spirit!
    Looking forward to ordering those books. I will be ordering three or four copies of each.
    Thank you both ( you and Julia) for sharing your testimony!
    Brenda Ashe

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    • Hi Mr. Quarles. I tried emailing again to you, I think there is something wrong with you receiving email because I received yours and I checked my outgoing mail and other people have received my mail. Let me know when I can try it again and I will or if you could give me an alternate email address. I also sent an email to and that has gone through. Regards Ian.

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