5 thoughts on “Ministries

  1. Dear beloved in Jesus,
    need your fellowship to win the lost souls in this end time, working in the tribal and rural places – Rom 15:21. Pray for this ministry. Thank you all.
    yours in.Jesus,
    Pastor ravi chikatla

  2. I just found this sight. My son is looking for a way out of drugs. He gave his life to Christ 2years ago and was released from drug addiction, however, he got sick and was hospitalized on drugs for 6 days. Now he is addicted again. He live in Asheville NC. He is willing to do whatever can you help

    • Yes, I would be glad to help your son. What kind of help is he looking for? If he is looking for resources, there are quite a few on our website. Just click on the “Online Store” for a list of them. If he is looking for treatment, I have a list of 50 Christian Treatment Centers and would be glad to refer him to one. Why don’t you have him call me on my cell at 404-275-5122?

    • Susie,
      We do four webinars a year and there is no charge for them. We’re beginning a Freedom From Addictive Behaviors Advanced Webinar next Thurs. on Aug. 1st at 8:00PM EDT. There are 8 sessions and we will be going through the Freedom From Addiction Workbook. For information and to register go to the home page on our website and scroll down and there will be a link to register. Email me at freedfrom@bellsouth.net or call me on my cell at 404-275-5122 for more info.


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