Freedom Poem


My duty is simple, perhaps too simple,
for a proud man like me.
I only have to give up my rights and self,
to the One who died for me.

My flesh rebels, Satan rages,
do your own thing – be free!
So I turned my back on him,
and soon found chains, not liberty.

Men have been bound with chains,
left to die in deep, dark dungeons.
But nothing on earth can compare
with the bondage of our own prisons.

The sin in our body that we serve
is a cruel tyrant, never satisfied,
daily driving, dominating, debasing-
its end is slow and certain suicide.

I agree with God’s condemnation on the cross.
The sin and lust in my flesh
left unjudged, does not make me free,
but binds, enslaves and tortures me.

My choice is clear, perhaps too clear,
admit the obvious, there’s nothing good in me.
I must give up on my resources and come
to the end of myself, if I will ever be free.

I flee to the cross on which he died,
I look ashamed to his beautiful face,
deserving judgment, punishment and hell,
but all I see is His wonderful grace.

He says to me – it’s all been done.
The cross takes care of self and sin.
Stop struggling, striving and trying,
and into my peace and rest enter in.

The great enemy of my soul has been met,
it’s not from without, but from within.
Proud self forged the chains of my slavery.
I didn’t need help, but a new identity.

Hallelujah, I died on the cross with him,
the old man is crucified and dead.
Sin and self has been judged and nailed to the tree,
I’m forgiven, cleansed, justified and free.

Jesus says, “It was for freedom I set you free,
don’t be entangled in the yoke of slavery.
You are not the person you used to be.
I am your life – your freedom and victory.”

-Mike Quarles

3 thoughts on “Freedom Poem

    • Yes, I should have capitalized Him in the Freedom poem as I was referring to Christ. But then again you really can’t turn your back on Christ as He lives in you (Gal. 2:20) and is your life (Col. 3:4) and you are one Spirit with Him (1 Cor. 6:17). I guess you could say I did turn my back on Him in my emotions and my actions, but it was only my deception. When I learned the truth of “Christ in me, the hope of glory” is when I began to experience the freedom that had been provided for me and was already mine.

  1. Here is a poem I wrote after attending one of your conference’s earlier this year.

    Is it possible as a christian to suffer from addiction?
    Would this Holy God not free me from affliction?
    I believe the price was paid
    When he suffered death and his body laid
    in a tomb for three days
    But he rose again, death could not faze
    The power of love, that is within
    Through him is the victory, we will win
    You may have been told that you’re an exception
    You can’t be free, But that’s a deception
    From the pit of hell that holds you down
    Satan doesn’t want you to know you have a crown
    God says you’re righteous, Holy, and True
    Believe and all things you can do
    No matter what men try to say
    Or the thoughts that try to sway
    Your victory over sin was won
    Through Jesus, God’s Holy son
    You have power over every desire
    Let God be true and every man a liar
    On the cross he cried “It’s Finished”
    The power of sin was diminished
    Don’t believe the lies you’re told
    Know the truth and to it hold
    You are free from all addiction
    Jesus set you free with his affliction
    Know the truth and walk it out
    Thank God that you can shout
    The enemy has been defeated
    In the heavenlies you’re seated
    You’re chains have been broken
    When “It is finished” was spoken
    Now it’s up to you
    To deny the lie and hold what’s true
    The addiction that enslaves you to be redundant
    Has been broken so enjoy Christ life abundant
    You’re washed clean every last speck
    Just believe and cash you’re freedom check

    Adam Louks

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