Why are Christians Not Free?

BROKENNESS – haven’t come to the end of self and still have some confidence in their own resources and abilities.  A good indication of this is when they say, “Tell me what to do!”

UNFORGIVENESS – #1 way Satan robs us of our freedom – Most have unresolved anger. Forgiveness is God’s only way to deal with it.  Unforgiveness = bondage (Eph. 4:26,27).

DO NOT ACCEPT THEMSELVES JUST THE WAY THEY ARE – Need to realize that God accepts them just the way they are and forgive themselves and accept themselves.

TRYING TO GET FEELINGS TO LINE UP WITH THE TRUTH – Which will never happen because freedom is experienced when we live by faith in the truth, regardless of our feelings.

FAIL TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN FLESH AND THE REAL YOU – The flesh constantly wars against the Spirit, but that is NOT who we are – we are not addicts, perfectionists, anorexics etc.

AN INADEQUATE UNDERSTANDING OF GRACE – Does not know they are dead to the law & everything is permissible and are still trying to perform and measure up to get their acceptance and worth.

WRONG CONCEPT OF GOD – don’t know that God accepts them as they are and has not changed as a result of their sin.

NEVER APPROPRIATED THEIR TRUE IDENTITY IN CHRIST – It is just information to them and/or are still holding on to a false identity in the flesh. We always act consistently with how we perceive ourselves.

HAVE NOT LEARNED TO RESIST SATAN – Do not understand spiritual warfare and that Satan was defeated at the cross and we have authority over him and the demonic.

HAVE NOT LEARNED TO DISCIPLINE THEIR MINDS – No consistent victory unless we take every thought captive and renew our minds by thinking on what is true, noble, pure, right, etc.


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