What About the 12 Steps?

What’s not covered in the 12 steps that is essential to freedom?

What’s Wrong With The 12 Steps?
Absolutely Nothing!  Everything they cover is helpful and good. The problem is what they don’t cover.  They don’t cover what is necessary for a person to be free. This is a list of what’s not covered.

1. The Person of Christ – Christ is our life

2. The Work of Christ – God’s only answer is in the cross

3. Forgiveness – God’s only answer for anger

4. Our identity in Christ

5. Grace – God’s method of dealing with us

6. Faith -The only way we receive all that God has for us

7. God’s unconditional love and acceptance

8. The part and work of the Holy Spirit

9. An answer for guilt and condemnation

10. That the battle is in the mind

11. Our position in Christ gives us victory over Satan

12. Spiritual warfare – How to win the battle

13. Our co-crucifixion frees us from power of sin

14. Dying to the law frees us from performing

15. Dying to the world frees us from demands of others

16. The part of the flesh (our learned independence)

17. Prayer

18. The Word of God


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