How to Help People

Do you want your life to count for God?  Do you want to be used in the lives of other people?  Do you want to be part of the solution?  It is more simple than you think — you don’t need seminary, programs, methods, techniques, more knowledge etc.  I spent 18 years studying and training with little results.  There are hurting people all around you, even in your own family.  I don’t care who you are or what you know, God will use you if you do this.  It is yet to be seen what the love of Christ can do.

1. Accept them just the way they are — If you don’t do this it does not make any difference what you do.  People don’t care what you know until they know you care.  This is everyone’s greatest need.

2. Have a ministry of grace — Don’t try to make people do right.   Tell them what God has done for them and how much He loves them and what He will do for them.  We need to know the truth– not what to do.  You can’t do what’s right until you know who you are in Christ.

3. Tell them who they are in Christ — Identity is always the issue.   Tell them who they are if you want to give them real, positive, Biblical hope, encourage them in the faith and see their behavior changed.  We always act consistently with how we perceive ourselves.

4. Teach them their authority in Christ and how to resist Satan.   Let them know that Satan is a defeated foe and his only weapon against them is the lie and they no longer have to let him set the agenda.  We have been given the victory and are conquerors in Christ.

5. Teach them to discipline their minds and how to take every thought captive and to affirm the truth.  This is the key to living consistently in victory.   For those who want to know what to do — this is it.  We will be transformed by the renewing of our minds.


One thought on “How to Help People

  1. Great Advice Mike, I can testify that this is what it takes for people to get free. That is if they want freedom. So appreciate your ministry and how it has impacted my ministry. Thank you Mike for all your help through the years. Love and Blessings to you and Julie
    Betty Willoughby

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