What About the Secular Approach?

This is a query from a friend of mine who is an exchanged life counselor who asked me what I thought about a secular authority’s take on addiction.

I’ve been wondering why you found it terribly interesting. I certainly didn’t. But maybe it is because I’ve read so much along that line in years past. I’ve read books on the history of AA and the 12 Steps, a biography on Bill Wilson (co-founder of AA), who became heavily involved in New Age, why AA Doesn’t work, why it does, why alcoholism is a disease and why it isn’t, etc. But you asked me to read it and I waded through it, or rather slogged through it. There has been a lot written about how to cope, abstain, cut down, etc., but from the beginning I had no interest in any of that. It seemed very clear to me throughout the article that the secular has no clue what the problem or the answer is for addiction. I realized even while I struggled that Scripture said that because of the finished work of Christ, freedom was our birthright. Galatians 5:1, John 8:32, 36, and Romans 6 clearly say that. There is a ton of good advice out there as this guy is giving out, but all it can do is help you cope; it cannot set anyone free from their addiction.

Why is this good advice relatively meaningless? Because there is no life in it. It depends on the person and what they should do and if it depends on us, it will result in failure and we usually end up worse than at the outset. As Christians we should understand that freedom is only available through the finished work of Christ. We need LIFE, and that is only available in and through Christ. But every person who has received Christ has that LIFE! That is primarily what Jesus came to give us. “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10b). And if we have Christ, we have it all. If Christ is your Life and He is living in you, what else could you possibly need? When we know that the author of life lives in us and is our life, as he said in John 14:6 “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”, that is when we begin to live free. An enormous part of freedom from addiction is understanding grace and knowing that there is nothing to do but believe and receive all that He has for you. Sin will have no dominion over you since you are not under law, but under grace (Romans. 6:14).


From Freedom From Addiction FAQs by Mike Quarles, available on Amazon.com here.

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