Freedom From Addictive Behaviors Webinar – March 5

Freedom From Addictive Behaviors webinar series Begins Tuesday, March 5!

If you’re tired of trying so hard…this webinar is for you!

What do you do to get free? NOTHING! 3O years ago Mike was driving along with a hangover after his wife had kicked him out of the house. He was listening to Bill Gillham teach on Rom. 6. Bill said that it says you are dead to sin. Mike believed the truth and was freed from addiction. What did he do? NOTHING! He had a hangover and was driving in a car. BUT he has been free from addiction for 30 years!!!

Six Tuesday evenings, beginning March 5, 2019. 8:00PM Eastern; 7:00PM Central

This event is free. Voluntary donations can be made here.

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The Freedom from Addictive Behaviors Webinar is based on the truth that God’s Answer for addiction is freedom in Christ. Mike Quarles and Vernon Terrell teach the webinar. Mike is the Director of Grace Walk Recovery Ministry and has co-authored five books on freedom from addiction. Vernon has worked in the corporate world for 30 years and ministered for over 34 years. God has already provided freedom for every believer through the finished work of Christ. “It is for freedom that Christ set you free” (Gal. 5:1). Scripture is clear that every Christian has died to sin and been freed from (Rom. 6:6–7). So the answer is not working steps, programs, or observing spiritual disciplines, but faith in what God has done. The key to freedom is to know your identity in Christ and that He is your life, but this has been largely hidden from Christians. Mike had been a Christian for 18 years, graduated from seminary and served in the pastorate but was hopelessly addicted to alcohol. This webinar is dedicated to the belief that God’s answer for addiction is freedom and when a person understands who they are in Christ, he will know “that when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed (John 8:36). The six sessions are:

1) The Strange Odyssey of a Legalistic Preacher who became a Drunk, Discovered Grace and Was Set Free – Mike Quarles testimony of how he found freedom from addiction
2) The Problem of Addiction – A biblical understanding of the root problem of addiction and how it develops
3) The Price of Freedom – The requirement for experiencing freedom and why so few are experiencing it
4) God’s Answer for Addictive Behavior – Understanding God’s clear, complete and definitive answer for addiction
5) Strongholds of Addiction – The lies we believe that keep us in bondage of addiction
6) The Most Liberating Thing You Will Ever Do – Forgiveness, an act of spiritual warfare

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