Watching Webinars After the Live Session

The question I’m often asked is: Can I watch the webinars after the live session?

Up until now the answer has been no. But now, after each session Demio will render the video and once ready will automatically send a link to the recording to all who registered (the email will be sent same day for those who attended and next day for those who missed the session)…this will happen weekly. So all you have to do is register for the webinar and even if you don’t attend the live session you will receive a link to the recording. You can register below. That’s all you have to do.

We also recorded all three of our webinars a few years ago and they can be downloaded and viewed for free at:

The Freedom from Addiction Basic Webinar is six sessions from the Freedom from Addictive Behaviors Conference we did (The 8 session Conference is available on DVD’s for $15). The other two webinars are the 8 session Advanced Webinar based on the Freedom from Addiction Workbook (We no longer do this live any more). And the information on the Helping Others Overcome Addictions Webinar is listed below.There is also a Conference Manual that can be downloaded for free  at  and There is also a Leader’s Guide for 8 sessions of the Conference with ten discussion questions for each of the eight sessions that can be downloaded for free from the website at
Call me or email me if you have any questions,

If you know someone who is longing to help others (and themselves) experience freedom from addiction, why not invite them to join our current live webinar! Just send them the registration link (you might just change a life):

Grace to you,
Mike Quarles
Grace Walk Recovery Ministry
4590 Mountain Creek Dr Roswell GA 30075
Phone – (404) 275-5122

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