Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Twenty-four years ago I was hopelessly mired in the bondage of alcoholism. I had been a Christian for 18 years and was a seminary graduate and former pastor. I had tried everything I knew and everything anyone had told me to do. I had been to hundreds of A. A. meeting and a Christian 12 step program. But things just seemed to get worse. One day in 1988 as I listened to a message by Bill Gillham I learned that freedom in Christ was not something to attain, but something I had already been given and that I was dead to sin (Rom. 6:2). It was my inheritance as a child of God and I was complete in Christ and needed nothing else. The focus of Grace Walk Recovery Ministry is to teach, train, equip and provide resources for people in recovery ministry. We have a two-day Freedom From Addictive Behaviors Conference, which is also available on DVD, along with the 43 page Conference Manual that we give to all attendees. We also have an eight session Freedom From Addicive Seminar that can be held on the weekends or over five consecutive evenings or in ten weekly sessions in the Atlanta area. We are also offering it online through webinars. Contact me if you are interested. I’ve also co-authored four books, Freedom From Addiction, the Freedom From Addiction Workbook and One Day at a Time, a devotional, and Overcoming Addictive Behavior.

The first book came out in 1996 and I am more convinced than ever that we clearly presented the truth that sets free from addiction. But as I have directed a Recovery Ministry for the last 12 years I have observed that it doesn’t follow that people find freedom when they are confronted with the truth that sets free. I’m aware that there must be an encounter with Christ and a revelation of the Holy Spirit. But I believe that there are major obstacles that very few know about. The biggest is the lie that the church has bought and propagated about the problem of addiction and its answer or lack thereof. The lie is that addiction is so difficult to get free from that we need more than what God has provided in Christ and it is up to us to do what we need to do. No one would admit this but if you look at their program, you will find that this is the premise behind most of them. The program is based on what you must do, rather than faith in the person of Christ and His finished work on the cross.

Steve and I would like to provide the resources and blueprint for people to have a recovery ministry that would present the truth where people would find true and lasting freedom in Christ. To accomplish this we are writing a book, Helping Others Find Freedom From Addictive Behavior. It will provide the direction and resources for them to set up a recovery ministry and have group meetings that will point people to the truth that sets free. Truth has a name and it is Jesus.

…We propose to provide direction, training and resources to set up Grace Walk Recovery Ministries and Groups that will serve as a pilot program for the finished product.  There have been several people around the country who have expressed an interest in doing this. I am setting up a recovery ministry in my home church in Atlanta. We provide the training, which can be done at your church or by viewing the DVD’s of the conference and going through the Leadership Training Seminar, which we will offer through webinars. If you have any interest, e-mail me at freedfrom@bellsouth.net or call me at 404-275-5122.